Create a Project

To create a new project go to the “Projects” section at the top and click on “Add Project”. It will open a section like the one in the picture below where you can enter all the data specific to that single project! Not bad right? 🙂

Here is an explanation of each field:

  • Reference quote: is a free text field, sometimes it may be appropriate to keep track of a quote, offer, contract referenced of a project
  • non-billable flag: to mark internal projects that will not be billed to a client
  • Budget: In the case of a billable project, what is the project budget?
  • target marginality: how much do I aim to earn with this project? (in percentage)
  • Project Manager: team member who will be responsible for the project
  • Team: free text field

Now click on “Confirm” and your project will appear in the list. You will find it here whenever you want and you can edit it anytime!

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