Escape from TimeTrap!

Make your team’s work as efficient as possible by planning and tracking hours and expenses with the support of Artificial Intelligence.

Put the Time Blocking philosophy into practice

Time blocking is the ultimate methodology for effectively using your time. “A 40-hour week with time blocking produces the same amount of output as a 60+ hour working week” (Cal Newport).

Plan your tasks

Plan your time blocks, save your templates and find the right balance to maximise your work focus.

Make smartworking smarter

Track the time

Quickly record the time you spend on each daily task with the “stopwatch” function. Start it when you begin and stop it when you finish the task. The minutes will automatically add up to your monthly hours so you and your team will always know how much time you spent on specific tasks in a project and the associated costs.

Learn to be more efficient

Have you realized that you take longer than you thought to complete a task?
The key word is “retrospective”: analyze with the help of artificial intelligence the time you worked on each project and learn from yourself to organize your work better overtime.
Connect TimeTrap and its integrations
Already have your tasks and appointments scheduled in other tools?
Integrate TimeTrap with Google Calendar, Todoist, Jira and many other tools so you always have them all at your fingertips.